Willie’s Cacao milk of the gods Rio Caribe 44%

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This is the first milk chocolate in this blog. It’s also the first milk chocolate I’ve ever noticed  to include only milk (powdered in this case) in addition to cocoa and sugar. Cool. No lecithin, salt or artificial or natural flavours. The exact distribution of ingredients is as follows: Cocoa mass 25%, milk powder 21%, cocoa butter 19%, which leaves 35% for the raw cane sugar.

The blue color of the box is a happy coincidence, since Finland’s most popular chocolate uses the color in their wrappers and the chocolate name. Nothing wrong with the color of the box, but I have a slight problem with the font used in the name of the chocolate. Does it look childish to anyone else? A more elegant font might have been what the name requires. The surprisingly light brown bar only has a small engraving of a cocoa pod combined with a W on it.

44% is a pretty high cococa content for milk chocolate. With that in mind the aroma of the chocolate is not very strong cocoa-wise, but it has a slight metallic aroma to it. I’ve noticed the same with other darker milk chocolates. Anyone know what causes it, or is it just the Venezuelan cocoa?

Like in the two previous Willie’s Cocoa dark chocolates, I once again find the texture a little floury (but not as much as to call it grainy). This milk chocolate is of course softer and melts faster in my fingers and mouth than the darker chocolates, but the texture is basically just as pleasing.

Yep, this sure is milk chocolate. I instantly feel a need to chew the chocolate as I would any milk chocolate or candy. After being focused on dark chocolates the last couple of years this tastes bland. I miss the vibrant flavours of the cocoa with all its twists. This (and again, I mean it in the nicest possible way) tastes like sugar and caramel. There’s nothing wrong with this chocolate as milk chocolates go, but I see that I require more cocoa to get my engine going. If I want milk chocolate in the future, I will spend my money on the cheaper (but not the cheapest) supermarket stuff, because the taste difference isn’t really that huge.

The aftertaste is not as sweet as I expected. There is a metallic flavour, which is even stronger in the aftertaste than it was in the aroma, but I don’t like it. No real cocoa flavour is left at this stage, if there ever was any.

Ingredients: Raw cane sugar, cocoa mass, milk powder & cocoa butter