Ara Chocolat Équateur 75%

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I ordered a full range of plain origin chocolates from Ara Chocolat to be tasted and reviewed. In all honesty I must say, that my expectations for this Ecuador were lowest. Reviews of Madagascar, Chiapas and Trincheras are on their way.

Well, this is special: The small 27g bar isn’t actually a bar at all. Instead there are five individual thin neapolitan sized pieces of the chocolate inside a clear plastic bag. The outer wrapper is made of paper, which has all the required information on it. I like how the ara parrot and the cocoa pod in the logo are almost mixed together.

The chocolate has a spicy aroma. I can at least smell cinnamon and some very earthy aromas in it. There are no fruity or acidic aromas and actually there are no other strong aromas either, apart from the “basic” aroma.

A smooth texture in chocolate is what I like and this complies. The chocolate melts quite fast and the melted liquid is thick, but doesn’t stick to my tongue or palate like some others have done in the past.

The chocolate starts to melt on my tongue immediatly. The melting chocolate tastes mild and earthy at the same time. I get the cinnamon aroma in the flavour as well but I also get stronger flavours like black pepper and coffee. The overall taste is very dark and there is bitterness as well. It also makes my mouth dry.

The aftertaste is very much like the flavour experience I had while eating the chocolate. The taste stays in my mouth quite a long time and the first flavour that disappears is the cinnamon. The last taste is that of black pepper.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cane sugar & cocoa butter