Michel Cluizel Los Anconés 67%

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Michel Cluizel changed their logo and chocolate bar styling some time ago and I’m not really convinced that it was a change for the better. The brown and green packaging of this bar is not much to look at. At least the chocolate pieces have a small cocoa pod engraving on them for visual pleasure.

There are no strong aromas in the chocolate. I can barely tell it apart from any basic milk chocolate. Having said that, there is also nothing repulsive in the aroma as it still smells like chocolate, if not a dark one.

The texture of the chocolate is very smooth, like having creamy milk on your tongue. I don’t know but would assume the cocoa butter percentage in relation to the cocoa mass percentage might be a bit higher than in most dark chocolates. Feels like a slippery dream.

There is bitterness in this chocolate, maybe even a bit more than I would like. There are at times also slight fruity (maybe plum) tones but they seem to disappear quite soon after the chocolate starts to melt on my tongue. This actually tastes quite “earthy” and is just a bit too stuffy for my taste. Wonder why I can’t taste the vanilla (that’s a good thing)?

A couple minutes after the chocolate has gone, my mouth still feels a bit stuffy. Nothing is left of the fruityness but I do feel like just having eaten some dark chocolate.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter & bourbon vanilla