Marou treasure island ¾ 75%

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Compared to earlier Marou chcolate bars (outside this blog) this light brown wrapper looks a bit boring. The map on the wrapper seems interesting once you notice it. The inner wrapper is gold and sealed with a sticker with the Marou signature M. Looking better. The bar itself is quite stylish. The signature M can be seen in the center of the bar and the rest of the bar is divided with diagonal lines.

There are no strong aromas in the chocolate. Sure you can smell the cocoa and recognize it as a dark chocolate, but nothing jumps at you. After a while I get slight caramel and cardboard odors of which the latter is a bit stronger.

When the chocolate melts, it turns into a very thickened chocolate liquid. It’s so thick it almost sticks to my teeth. It’s almost like a built-in system to make sure you get all the flavours around your mouth.

The first taste is more like a feeling, it’s acidic. Once the chocolate starts to melt, the cardboard aroma appears as a flavour. Somewhere in the backgound there is an acidic and slightly fruity taste which wants to break free, but just isn’t able to. Alongside the cardboard I taste something resembling raw potato. Even if neither of these flavours are considered brisk or fresh, this chocolate is not stuffy. It’s just a very special kind of discreet in my opinion.

Like the other flavours, also the aftertaste is mild. It doesn’t really differ from the actual taste, it’s just a bit milder. The aftertaste doesn’t stay in my mouth very long, but maybe that’s just because those mild aromas easily fade away.

Ingredients: Cocoa, cocoa butter & cane sugar