Bahen & Co. Papua New Guinea 70%

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The pattern on the paper wrapper looks like something I would see at a science fair. It’s sort of 3D but not quite. Doesn’t really give a very strong sense of a chocolate bar at a glance. The choclate bar itself is as basic as possible. Small pieces, no engravings or anything on the pieces.

There is a very strong aroma in this chocolate. I’m smelling at least raisin and maybe some other dark fruit as well. I would almost call this aroma extreme.

To my disappointment I notice the chocolate texture being floury. Because this is not the first floury or even grainy chocolate I come across, I have to ask the question “Does somebody really enjoy chocolate that is not smooth?” Apparently somebody does, because why else would such chocolate be made? I’m not one of those that do.

If the aroma was strong, wait until you get a taste of this chocolate. The taste might even be stronger of the two. This really tastes the same as it smelled like and there is a lot of raisin flavour. In addition to the raisin I almost taste tar. This is definetly not a chocolate for those who are just getting to know the world of dark chocolates, because it might scare someone off and back to the world of milk chocolate (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I taste bread in the aftertaste. Why am I tasting bread in my mouth after just having eaten chocolate? The tar I tasted is also here in the aftertaste but the raisin has gone. I would call this aftertaste more to my liking than the actual flavour of the chocolate.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans & organic cane sugar