Askinosie Cortés Honduras 70%

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And away we go. My first chocolate review in English, may there be many more.

The chocolate wrapper is very rustic with it’s piece of string holding the paper bag closed. On one hand I kind of like the rustic feel, but on the other hand I might not be in touch with my inner farmer enough. At least it’s not burlap. The chocolate itself looks kinda funny. The bar is divided into 18 smallish squares and each square has a letter on it. Together they spell Askinosie Chocolate. Lucky the name doesn’t have 19 letters…

The aroma is very pleasant. The cocoa is definetly there, but it has no strong specific odors. I imagine noticing a slight whiff of citrus however. When the ingredients only include cocoa beans, cocoa butter and cane juice (is that the same as cane sugar…?) you wouldn’t really expect it to have aromas of vanilla or other additives either.

This chocolate is plain dark made of Trinitario beans. I’m letting the chocolate melt on my tongue, but even if the chocolate naturally melts quite fast I can’t help speeding the process up with my palate. The texture is smooth but not quite the smoothest I’ve tasted. Very nice however.

On the wrapper it says that I might taste citrus, molasses and sharp stone fruit. I can easily confirm the citrus part. It is best notable after a couple of pieces have melted in your mouth. To my knowledge we don’t use molasses in Finland so I wouldn’t know what to expect from that. Stone fruit I had to google. Ahhh, it just means fruits that have single stones inside, like peaches, plums, apricots etc. Well, there is a quite fruity taste in this chocolate and it seems to be getting stronger the more pieces I enjoy. Yes, I can already reveal that it is an enjoyment eating this chocolate.

When I was in the light ages (the time before I started enjoying dark chocolate) I really didn’t enjoy the bitterness of dark chocolate. Now I understand that it’s an essential part of dark chocolates but I still don’t enjoy too bitter chocolates. Neither do I enjoy dark chocolates that are too sweet (which is usual with “dark” chocolates having only 40-55% cocoa). Therefore this chocolate is just what the doctor ordered. It’s not too bitter, it’s absolutely not sweet but it’s fruity. Nice.

I find the aftertaste almost as nice as the actual eating taste of this chocolate. There is a bit more bitterness in the aftertaste and my mouth does feel a little bit dry afterwards, but mainly it’s all quite pleasant. The aftertaste is long. It’s been about 15 minutes since I had chocolate in my mouth but I can still taste it. It would seem we’ve started this blog with a winner.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cane sugar & cocoa butter