Amedei Trinidad 70%

Jaa sosiaalisessa mediassa:

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I was thinking about not reviewing this chocolate I had lying around. The reason for this is that this contains vanilla, which is usually used to cover up faults or shortcomings in the cocoa itself. But hey, it’s Amedei after all. I’ll give it a go.

The cardboard wrapper looks stylish in black and yellow/orange. It opens up like an old book and reveals the chocolate in a paper bag. The chocolate bar consists of 10 square pieces and each piece is labeled with the manufacturers name and some lines. Nothing too exciting, but basic nice.


Assuming your nose is working, you can actually smell the vanilla in this. It gives the chocolate a sweet smell. I mean sweet as in sugary, not as in nice/cool. Even though the vanilla scent is not that strong it manages to overpower the scent of the cocoa, which is never a good thing.

It takes a while for the chocolate to melt on my tongue. When that finally happens I notice the chocolate texture is a bit floury. It’s not as smooth as it could be and as I would like, but luckily we’re not even close to Mast Brothers chocolates grainyness, if you’ve ever tried those.

The very first taste I get is sugar and vanilla together. This is one of those dark chocolates that are way too sweet even if the cocoa content is 70%. There is no fruityness in the chocolate but there might be some tastes of dirt, maybe? There are actually very few flavours apart from the vanilla. This is the kind of dark chocolate I would maybe have liked in the light ages (the time before I liked dark chocolates). I confess that the knowledge of the vanilla being there might (just might) have a very small influence on my opinion about this chocolate, I am human after all. But I would not recommend this chocolate for dark chocolate enthusiasts. For children maybe?

The aftertaste is the best part of the whole flavour and aroma combination. That still doesn’t mean that it’s good, but at least I can’t really taste the vanilla anymore. The aftertaste is sweet. There are luckily some indications of dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter & vanilla